Imagine what safe sustainable storage could be

At Tepsa, we recognize the urgent call for sustainable solutions

Embracing evolution isn’t just about adopting a new brand name.

Since 1877, we have continually evolved to stay ahead of market trends. Today, we proudly unveil Tepsa as our company’s new global brand.

This change is about embracing a future where we lead in decarbonization and innovation.

This isn’t just a name change; it’s a commitment to a greener, more innovative future. Join us on this journey! #TepsaEvolves

Tepsa embodies excellence, progress, and aligns seamlessly with our purpose.

Meet the Team

Behind our Collective Success
BRUNO HAYEM©GillesDacquin

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris, with over 25 years’ experience in the terminal business since joining the company in 1996. Throughout his tenure at our company headquarters, he held various roles in Finance HR, Legal and Mergers and Acquisitions&ergers and Acquisitions before assuming the role of group CEO in 2018.

LUC JORISSEN©GillesDacquin

Managing Director Tepsa Netherlands

With over 20 years’ experience in the tank storage industry, he earned his degree from the University of Louvain. In 2017, he commenced his tenure with a dual role as both the Managing Director of Rotterdam and as the Commercial Coordinator. Before joining our team, he worked in various companies related to the terminal business and steel industry in Belgium, Latin America, the UK and Germany. His expertise encompasses sales and business development.

DIDIER CLOT©GillesDacquin

Managing Director Tepsa France

Graduated from Arts & Métiers ParisTECH. He began his career in public lighting services, then spent several years in the petroleum and steelmaking industry. He joined our ranks as International Technical Director before transitioning to a subsidiary energy company in Senegal as Managing Director. He then became our Operations Director before being promoted to Managing Director in 2020.


Chief Safety & Operations Officer

Graduated in Business Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, with over 20 years’ in the terminal business. He has more than fifteen years of experience in our company where he has served Business Development Director at group level as well as Managing Director in Rotterdam. Before joining our team, he worked in various companies related to the terminal business, mainly in terminal management positions.


General Counsel

A graduate of the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the Paris Bar Association, with over 20 years of experience in overseeing legal matters within our company. Previously, she practiced as a lawyer at the Paris Bar for 7 years before assuming the role of legal counsel within our organization.


Managing Director at Tepsa Iberia

With 25+ years’ experience in the tank storage business. Graduated in Industrial Engineering from UPC (Politècnica Catalunya). Before becoming Managing Director in 2014, she held other positions within our company including in the Business Development area, and as Technical and Terminal Manager. Before joining our team, she worked in various international industrial companies in the consultancy and logistics businesses.


Chief Asset Officer and Head of CSR

With over 10 years’ experience in the terminal business, he graduated from Arts & Métiers ParisTECH. He has held several positions within our company including roles in operations, new projects and HSE. Before joining our team, he gained international and technical experience in the gas and energy sectors, waste treatment, working with several companies in the industry.

Group CFO

Graduated in Finance & Administration from ESSEC Business School in Paris. Before joining our company, he held various financial management positions within industrial, transport, and logistics groups. Most recently, he served as the CFO of a company under LBO held by a private equity fund.

At the heart of our success lies our pride in the dedication of individuals who are deeply committed to advancing sustainability.
Bruno Hayem©GillesDacquin
Chief Executive Officer

“We have a long history that goes back to 1877. We have undergone many changes since then, but we remain committed to our purpose of adapting to future changes and the energy transition. We have the capabilities to safely store hazardous liquids and gas products with multimodal solutions."

Our terminals

Find contact information for our terminals, details on products stored, storage capacities, connections, and certifications.

  • France (2,539k m3)
  • Spain (948k m3)
  • Netherlands (277k m3)
  • Belgium (267k m3)

Chemicals  – 41%
Fuels – 29%
Biofuels – 12%
Strategic storage  – 11%
Agrifood –  7%

Sustainable Storage Solutions for everyday life - with a new brand, a new look, and a new website.