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Our goal is to involve all our employees in helping to advance the energy transition. We are proud to have people who are highly motivated that care about incorporating sustainability in our daily lives. 


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Video unveiling our new brand name: Tepsa

We embrace a fresh identity that symbolizes progress and unity. Join us as we celebrate this transformative moment.

Discover our Multilingual video unveiling our new brand name, Tepsa

We are confident in our ability to forge a new path and make a real difference

We are agile and we adapt quickly to new challenges, with the mindset of an entrepreneur and the possibilities offered by an international group. 

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Embracing Change: The Impact of Women in the Workplace .

In this heartfelt testimonial, Michel Christmann reflects on the significant evolution of the company over the past 30 years. He shares how the inclusion of women has brought about a fresh perspective and a different way of working, ultimately fostering growth and development within the company

Embracing Sustainability in our Operations

In this video, we delve into the water treatment process at Saint-Priest. Learn how we manage and treat rainwater, ensuring it is cleaned and safely released back into the environment, as part of our commitment to sustainability.

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Sustainable storage solutions for everyday life

  • We connect industries with people through safe storage solutions.
  • We preserve essential products in sustainable ways.
  • We are an independent leader in the storage of industrial liquid bulk products.
  • We are committed to providing flexible, reliable and responsible solutions for our customers, connecting industries to society.
  • We aim to create positive, long-term impact by employing high safety and quality standards across all our operations.

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Latest news, commentaries and reports


Building on Legacy and Embracing evolution. Today, Rubis Terminal is excited to announce a strategic rebranding initiative

Sustainable Storage Solutions for everyday life - with a new brand, a new look, and a new website.